Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Furniture too..

In between the larger construction carpentry projects, I'm always glad to take on furniture and garden commissions. Most are of Cornish Hardwoods, with a pegged and wedged assembly that reflects the joinery techniques in the larger scale building work. Generally I like to finish them with a clean, light oil, giving durability while allowing the character of the wood to remain accessible to sight and touch.

Oak coffee table with chestnut slats reclaimed from split roofing lathe (2004)

Solid Beech dresser (2006)

Oak bench outside Liskeard hospital. Colin Milburn takes the credit for this one; I helped him make and install it. His design reflects the St Piran's cross, and the oak came from his farm below Bodmin Moor; we stained the uprights black by allowing the tannins in the wood to react with iron filings in a large bath. (2003)

I made the above bed for my sister in 2004 using ash and spaulted beech from Tino Rawnsley's timber yard near Wadebridge. Its assembly involves just 4 wedges, for ease of carrying up narrow stairways. The bed below is again of ash, with nice olived features in the head and foot boards, this time assembled using pegs.

This garden bench was made using leftovers from a large oak frame we built in Hampshire, and using framing style joinery...all pegs and wedges, not a nail, screw or drop of glue in sight (2005).

Oak and Beech Table and Benches (2005)

Solid Oak doors; framed, ledged and braced (2007).

Hand-split Sweet Chestnut garden gate, pegged mortise and tenon joinery (2007).

Oak and Chestnut seat around old apple tree. (2006)

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