Sunday, 16 May 2010

October Extension Revisited

After finishing the last frame on the Roseland, we went up the road a mile to where we raised these hipped roof trusses in late autumn last year. Credit to the Project Manager for his attention to details, and to the builders for making a fine job of the second fit work.

Its always so nice to revisit previous work and see it transformed from bare frame on a building site to a warmly atmospheric living space. Combine this with a freshly baked cake and good pot of coffee, and it capped a good week for us.

Roseland Garden Room

We've just raised this garden room frame, another project through architect Mark Datson, and working alongside Steve at C Poore & Sons builders. We've done enough jobs as a team now that we know all about each others processes and requirements, and can execute projects quickly and efficiently. Despite difficult access and indifferent weather, 2 of us raised this in a couple of days, after less than 3 weeks of cutting in the workshop.


A couple of weekends ago I went to see the Chantier Medeieval at Guedelon in Burgundy, where a 13th century chateau is being built using the materials, tools and techniques of the age. Work began in 1997, and they aim to be nearing completion around 2025, though in a way this is a project without end. Far from being an exercise in romantic Luddism, it's a remarkable insight into the ingenuity of master craftsmen in an age long before power tools, CAD and the hydraulic ram.

The ever increasing number of visitors to the site have allowed the project to become self-funding, and since all the materials are quarried, felled or dug from the site, the only real costs are labour. The infrastructure around the site is as authentic as the chateau itself, with the surrounding forest being dotted with the workshops, forges, sawpits and kilns of the tradesmen. A building site like no other, and well worth a visit. See for more details.