Monday, 20 December 2010

8 months on...

The progress on this project hasn't been fast since we left after raising, but it's been deliberate and thoughtful, and the lack of haste and hurry shows in the quality of the build. The exposed frame was infilled with Hemcrete, leaving little trace of the woodwork outside, but exposing the entire structure internally. I'm currently making a staircase and landing to finish off the on completion.

Green Oak frame extension with Hipped Roof

We had to battle the elements erecting this hip roofed extension but apart from the discomfort of working in the rain, it went up really nicely. I like using this dragon tie detail to stiffen the corners of a structure; they give the hips such sure footings as well as adding a really pleasing internal aesthetic.

As always, its nice to see a finished frame clean and bare against a blue autumnal sky, but it's nicer to go back a few months later and see it all finished and looking like home. Again we worked alongside Poore and Sons of Truro on this sensitive extension to a characterful old home, and look forward to going back when they've finished to see the completed project.

A good new old fashionned barn

A busy few months since the end of summer, and several big projects now raised and finished. The Douglas Fir and Oak barn was raised by hand on a couple of glorious September days...cranes are great for the big heavy jobs, but its simple, safe and efficient to assemble a lighter frame like this using scaffold towers and manpower.

To a slightly fanatical timber framer, few things look finer than the simple detail of a nicely fitted jowl post/tie beam joint against a blue sky.
Think I should get out more...