Thursday, 27 October 2011

Frame Up! And a word on cleaning and glazing...

Considering the rain we've had since, it's amazing that this green oak frame went up without getting a drop of Cornish rain on it. It's had a good soaking now, but once the roof is on the water marks and associated stains can be cleaned off with a mild oxalic acid solution, which will gently bring the frame back to a fresh, natural finish. I find this is a cheaper, gentler, and less messy technique than sand-blasting.

We'll be back to fit the glazing units and coverstrip, barge boards, fascia and soffit once the builders have finished the roof build up. Direct glazing a green oak frame takes a little while to do properly and ensure a long-lasting weather proof seal, but creates a fine end result that leaves the glass effectively floating on the green oak, held on by kiln-dried oak coverstrip.

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