Thursday, 1 November 2012

CAD rendering

I'm currently on paternity leave and taking some time off in France introducing the in-laws to our young son. One little task managed to slip through customs and follow me on my break...creating a CAD mock-up of this potential project in North Cornwall. Before committing his ideas to Planning, this client wanted a 3D visualisation of how his Listed, thatched cottage would look with an oak-framed round room. With the aid of a couple of photos and some measurements, I've been able to put together this proposal. We'll still need to revise it for workshop drawings, but it's a great starting step for all involved.

More updates on future projects when I get back, as well as a review of finished work over the previous summer, my busiest ever! In the meantime, its great to be away from work for a few weeks and focusing in something far more important.

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