Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Year Resolution - fail

Self made promises to keep the website better updated have evaporated and it probably looks like I have (again) been hibernating down a mineshaft for several seasons. Wintertime is always a good time to slow down, take stock and catch up, but we've still had plenty of interesting jobs moving through the workshop, and there's lots in the pipeline for the coming spring and summer.

It looks a bit out of season now, but this little frame was completed just before Christmas, and makes a nice light sun room out of a seldom used courtyard behind a Victorian townhouse. Green oak timber framing doesn't always have to involve huge timbers in freestanding frames, and it's satisfying to be able to scale things down, modernize the aesthetic, and adapt our skills to a wide range of applications. In heavily glazed projects like this I prefer to use drier, more stable oak then the fresh sawn green oak that typifies most of our work. But the joinery and assembly techniques are the same, and I hope the finished result is just as pleasing.

Here's another interesting departure from our usual green oak framing work. I'd previously helped an old friend renovate a railway carriage into living quarters, but when that proved to be too small, he embarked on this log cabin build. I've had a little involvement from early on, but most recently have been there helping fit floors, doors and windows. Its evolved into a fine structure and will make a beautiful living space; his unrelenting eye for simple authenticity really shows through the materials used and the approach to the detailing. It's been a good exercise for me too, as we're building a small log cabin sauna for a customer later this year, built along similar design principals.

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