Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Raised Decking and Stairs completed

This property near Truro has undergone extensive renovation, and part of the works included this raised oak decking and staircase, as seen in CAD form in a previous entry. We've used air-dried oak as much as possible here, along with some thoughtful joinery techniques to minimise the potential problems associated with the movement of green oak as it seasons. Hopefully there will still be a few warm days and mild evenings for the customer to enjoy on this; once the landscaping is finished and the re-seeding is completed it'll make a fine platform for a glass of something refreshing (or warming...this is Cornwall after all!)

The glazing clamps that hold the glass balustrades in place allow for movement of the oak posts as they slowly shrink. The oak decking boards have been orientated "heart up", and have grooves cut in the underside of them to minimise their tendency to cupping, and elsewhere, slip tenons and housings hide the effects of further timber shrinkage. The staircase was a particularly enjoyable part of the project, and is assembled using extensive traditional pegged joinery and a very bare minimum of stainless steel fixings.

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