Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Back online

I hope nobody's noticed that this site has been down for the last week; if you have you'll know what I mean. If not, ignorance is bliss.  After major issues with techie things I don't really understand, we're back on track, and long overdue a re-cap of fresh produce from the workshop.

First up, an update of the 'Tale of the Tie Beam' green oak roof on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. Its been a while since we were there glazing and finishing off, and these pictures are the most recent I have, but they give you an impression of the (not quite) finished result. I'll get back there soon, now it's all fully finished and get more photos...the view from here over Gerrans Bay is pretty special. Better camera, better photography skills needed.

We've finished and raised the big Douglas Fir barn in North Cornwall, and that'll get it's own post in a day or two. At 10m x 6m, that represents one of the bigger free standing timber framed buildings we've built in Cornwall; in contrast, the next is one of the smaller projects. This little porch was for a new build in Probus. It's great to be able to fit the smaller jobs into the workshop diary, and be able to efficiently take on projects in a wide range of sizes and styles. Again, finished photos to follow.

Finally, sneaky look at what we're currently working on at the yard. New techniques, new skills, new tools, new people to learn from...but still building nice things out of locally grown timber. More on that one in due course, and news on the other projects for the winter...plenty coming through the workshop right through the colder months.

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