Friday, 14 November 2014

Autumn Project, and a new workshop coming

The past 12 months have been our busiest yet, with a variety of green oak and douglas fir extensions, roof trusses, balconies, barns, garages and porches; to my shame, this is not reflected in the frequency of website updates! Since the spring we've added a 3rd permanent member to the team, and over the coming month we'll be moving into our new workshop. Conveniently 50 yards across the yard, it offers double the floor space, much better natural light and ventilation, and more security. It may just be an average agricultural shed, or it may be our brand new purpose built facility; either way, we've been ready for a workshop upgrade for sometime, and this'll make our operation more capable and more efficient. Looking forward to starting some of the exciting projects that are in the pipeline...

In the meantime, here's a neat little green oak frame we recently raised near Wadebridge. Access was tricky with the nearest parking some way up an alley, so each timber had to be carried through to this back garden site. Fortunately there's nothing too big in this kitchen/diner extension, and 3 of us raised it by hand in a couple of days. It's part of a major re-working of an old Cornish cottage...plenty of character to preserve, as well as a few things to think about for the builders. We'll be back to glaze it in the coming weeks, and again in the New Year to see it finished.

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