Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oak trusses with a view

This series of roof trusses took us to the other end of the county, in fact this creek side rebuild is only just West of the Tamar, and the viaduct in the background carries the main railway line into Cornwall. We got fine spring weather for the 2 days that it took us to deliver, assemble and install these, and tea breaks with warm sunshine in this setting were unbeatable!

It's a pretty straightforward set of oak roof trusses based on a raised collar with kingpost but we've tried to put in a few details to keep the proportions right and make it interesting...the curved ties particularly help to elevate the sense of headroom. The kingposts have a gradual taper on them in both planes from top to bottom, and the purlins are housed into the rafters and secured by means of slip tenons...a nice detail that we often use to keep the back of the purlins flush with the backs of the oak trusses. This allows the plasterboard to fly over the back of the all oak, and avoid having ugly shrinkage gaps appearing as the oak shrinks away from the plaster. A small detail, but they all count!

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