Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hard working assistants

These 2 guys don't get nearly enough credit on this website.
They consistently bring hard work, craftsmanship and good humour to our workshop, and without them none of the projects you see on these pages would have made it off the drawing board. Andy (left) joined me when he moved to Cornwall 7 years ago, and brought a solid background in green oak framing and roundwood building, along with an eye for accuracy and a willingness for hard work. Moss (right) had more joinery based experience when he joined us 3 years ago, but has quickly transferred his skills into oak framing, and his joinery knowledge and agile mind have brought an extra dimension to our operation. Between us, we now have over 30 years of oak framing and woodworking experience, and as a team of worked on over 100 green oak structures of all manner of shapes and sizes. Most importantly, we all get on, and the workshop is always an enjoyable place to be.
Thanks for your efforts chaps, see you Monday!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Recent work update - Oak framed building throughout Cornwall

This website is perhaps the most neglected part of our operation, but when the phone keeps ringing and the jobs keep coming, regular blog updates and website management become less of a priority. That said, I'm always keen to make sure our recent work is out there, available to view, and hopefully inspire anyone who's interested in oak framed building.

Here's a quick snap shot of some, but not all, of the jobs we've been working on over the last 6 months. All shapes and sizes, but no 2 identical; each one designed and built by us to meet the needs of the particular project. Lastly there's a glimpse into the future with a CAD drawing of the big summer project starting in a few weeks.

This 3D model shows a frame I've designed to meet an architect's design for a new build property on the western edges of Dartmoor. It'll be among the biggest of the projects we've tackled, but is well within our capabilities. As usual, we'll cut the oak frame in our Falmouth workshop, and then transport it to site before a week long raising in early Autumn. That feels like a long way away yet, but the oak arrives next week, so it won't be long before we're getting our teeth into it.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Oak Frame House Extension near Fowey in Cornwall

This project update is long overdue...this 2 storey extension has been completed for over 8 months, in fact it's been 15 months since we raised the oak frame. It's our biggest project to date and one that I'm very proud of, with the all phases of the works finishing on time. on budget, and to the high standard demanded by the customer. It's been a good test of our ability to produce larger more complicated work, and has given us the confidence to tackle such projects again.

I was particularly pleased with the exterior detailing on this project; we designed, installed and detailed the triple glazing installation, as well as all the oak cover boards that secure it in place. Copper trays and flashing were used extensively, and we also installed the Velfac Aluminium opening windows and doors. Again use of a CAD program allows us to build a model to effectively design the weather detailing, and present an easily visualised proposal to both client and other on site contractors.