Saturday, 16 July 2016

Oak Frame House Extension near Fowey in Cornwall

This project update is long overdue...this 2 storey extension has been completed for over 8 months, in fact it's been 15 months since we raised the oak frame. It's our biggest project to date and one that I'm very proud of, with the all phases of the works finishing on time. on budget, and to the high standard demanded by the customer. It's been a good test of our ability to produce larger more complicated work, and has given us the confidence to tackle such projects again.

I was particularly pleased with the exterior detailing on this project; we designed, installed and detailed the triple glazing installation, as well as all the oak cover boards that secure it in place. Copper trays and flashing were used extensively, and we also installed the Velfac Aluminium opening windows and doors. Again use of a CAD program allows us to build a model to effectively design the weather detailing, and present an easily visualised proposal to both client and other on site contractors.