Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hard working assistants

These 2 guys don't get nearly enough credit on this website.
They consistently bring hard work, craftsmanship and good humour to our workshop, and without them none of the projects you see on these pages would have made it off the drawing board. Andy (left) joined me when he moved to Cornwall 7 years ago, and brought a solid background in green oak framing and roundwood building, along with an eye for accuracy and a willingness for hard work. Moss (right) had more joinery based experience when he joined us 3 years ago, but has quickly transferred his skills into oak framing, and his joinery knowledge and agile mind have brought an extra dimension to our operation. Between us, we now have over 30 years of oak framing and woodworking experience, and as a team of worked on over 100 green oak structures of all manner of shapes and sizes. Most importantly, we all get on, and the workshop is always an enjoyable place to be.
Thanks for your efforts chaps, see you Monday!

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  1. It's so good to see you appreciate your assistants genuinely and generously. Unity is strength and I think you have it. I am sure success will reach your way always if you stay humble. That's how i grew my business and became the deals. Wish you all the best.